The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide

Even though, a Collectors Item is a long lasting piece and is meant to be worn, every precious metal will tarnish over time. The texture and color of your item may eventually change its look, depending on the acidity of your skin or atmospheric conditions... We have put together a list of The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide in order to preserve your beautiful jewelry as long as possible.

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Styleguide 1.0

Jewelry is an amazing accessory. It has the ability to enhance the expression and vibe that you are looking for in an outfit, to style it either up or down and to help implement a personal touch. Interested in learning how we have paired our jewelry with different styles in a way we believe will complete and exaggerate the chosen looks? Keep on reading our first Style Guide!

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Why do we collect?

The concept of collecting… What does it really mean to collect something? Why do we do it? It seems that people have different reasons and explanations for the instinctive human behavior.

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Get to know us: All about giving back

I have always been taught that true fulfillment is to give with no expectation of getting something in return, no instant recognition and no considerable commodity as repayment. The reward is the achievement that you have hopefully made a positive and significant change in someone’s life.

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How to style the pieces from the 'Perception Collection'

One of the many reasons why getting dressed is so fun is the freedom to really showcase your signature style. Two people can own the exact same pieces of jewelry, but choose to style them totally different -- and that it what makes it such a unique and intuitive experience to accessorize. Jewelry is another way to express who you are, just like...

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