How to style the pieces from the 'Perception Collection'

By Patricia - Founder of Collectors Items

One of the many reasons why getting dressed is so fun is the freedom to really showcase your signature style. Two people can own the exact same pieces of jewelry, but choose to style them totally different -- and that it what makes it such a unique and intuitive experience to accessorize. Jewelry is another way to express who you are, just like art collectors use their collections to communicate information about themselves to the world.


As Ralph Lauren said so adequate: “Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.”


The Perception Collection is basically designed with the conception of you, the costumer, being able to mix´n´match all items with other textures and silhouettes. For example the Facet Bangle has a very unique shape, but a minimalistic expression, which takes your wrist-game to a whole new level and dimension when combining with more traditional silhouettes.


- Balancing jewelry -

    I find that the best way to start your accessorizing journey is to get a quick overview of all your different pieces and take a quick feel to decide if there is something special that you would like to wear this day.

    I like to balance the quantity of jewelry with the amount of places I put them. Say I wear 10 different styles, but then I would probably only wear these 2 different places such as on my ears and fingers.

    For instance I will always wear my small Fragment Earrings – I often combine these with either a great pair of hoops or the large Fragment Earrings. My other go-to piece is my beloved Twist Ring, which is with me almost everywhere. Let me tell ya, she’s a keeper!

    Then depending on the occasion, I either put on a stack of bracelets or give the good old necklace layering a whirl.

    Fun fact: The Illusion Necklace can be used both as a necklace and a bracelet!

    Here’s my take on combining pieces from the Perception Collection:

    collectors items

    1. picture: Large Fragment Earrings and Small Fragment Earrings

    2. picture: Illusion Necklace, Facet Bangle, Twist Ring and Illusion Bracelet 

    - Mixing colors and temperatures -

    A great thing to keep in mind is to mix cool metal tones with warm colors.

    I find that my jewelry pop the most when wearing clothes that has the opposite temperature/color tone. For instance I love to wear silver jewelry with a yellow blazer or a brownish/warm-toned shirt.

    Striking the balance between cool and warm tones is basically what accessorizing is all about. Try to coordinate jewelry and outfits to be the prettiest “opposites attract” example out there.

    collectors items jewelry

    1. picture: Large Fragment Earrings, Small Fragment Earrings, Illusion Necklace, Facet Ring and Facet Bangle

    2. picture: Illusion Necklace, Facet Bangle and Illusion Bracelet

    3. picture: Illusion Necklace and Fragment Necklace  

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