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Jewelry is an amazing accessory. It has the ability to enhance the expression and vibe that you are looking for in an outfit, to style it either up or down and to help implement a personal touch. Interested in learning how we have paired our jewelry with different styles in a way we believe will complete and exaggerate the individual looks? Keep on reading our first Style Guide!


No.1 essential: the blazer - preferably oversized. If you are a strong advocate of or wish to try out the 'Casual Business' style, don't forget the blazer! Paired with comfortable jeans or trousers, and you are good to go. To complete the achieved look, we have chosen to add the Illusion Necklace. It has an simple and understated appearance, but tends to catch dreamy looks from miles away.

collectors items styleguide casual business


Denim, leather, silver. All perfectly paired materials which are predicted to become more and more prominent in the following seasons. According to one of the largest trend futurists in the game, denim will reach its peak in FW20/21, where especially the utilization of the patchwork method will be particularly pronounced. The colors may very well consist of natural concrete tones and denim blue shades. All elements that fits the 'Edgy & Raw' style perfectly. We have chosen to compose this style with the Facet Ring in sterling silver as its sharp and clean chamfered edges emphasizes the rawness of the look.

collectors items styleguide raw and edgy


Classy, elegant, minimalistic, quality. The style is all about awareness. Awareness about materials, cuts and colors. A clear deliberate decision-making has been undergone in putting together the right, sustainable quality materials with natural and dimmed colors to ultimately result in a harmonious balance between all elements. That is why we have added the Illusion Bracelet as it exudes elegance and quality. 

collectors items styleguide simple and sophisticated style


Unique and confident. If you wish to make your style 'a statement' go for unusual, eye-catching and personal items. Look around vintage stores to find one-of-a-kind pieces. The Fragment Earrings have an exciting and attention-grabbing texture and shape.

collectors items styleguide statement style


Think basics with a twist. Think monochrome. Think minimalism with a touch. The 'Subtle & Chic' look is cool and feminine. A good example of a piece of clothing that depicts the style could be a basic long sleeve blouse which from the front looks simple and understated while the back is completely cut out as a subtle detail. To this we have added the Fragment Necklace due to its distinctive natural texture which is broken up by its minimalistic hexagon shape. 

collectors items styleguide chic style

There are countless options on which the different jewelry can be styled together or alone to exaggerate and emphasize a particular look, but to make our guide simple, we have chosen to build it by highlighting one piece of jewelry per style. 

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