Collectors Items were founded on a simple philosophy: Quality over quantity.
We're here to disrupt the traditional jewelry industry, where price doesn't match value. No more 10x markups and expensive middlemen. We're cutting straight to the bone.

Quality doesn't have to cost more!

The Conscious Choice

We have decided to cut the crap!... Basically, our jewelry is made with the same top materials as other luxury brands, but without the traditional retail markups.
We’ve saved this for you! 

Because of this, Collectors Items is only achievable on our own webshop.

Our Quality

We only work with the highest quality materials and jewelers. Yes, you heard that right! We don’t settle for less.

All items are made of precious metals: 925 silver and 21 carat gold plating.

925 means that 92,5% are pure silver and 7,5% are copper. This is simply due to the fact that silver is a relatively soft material that easily gets scratches if not mixed with a small dose of another metal. This keeps the jewelry more durable.

 We want you to wear our pieces for years to come.

"Our mission is not just creating beautiful, high quality jewelry, but also using the power of our business to give back."

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Our Designs

Collectors Items delivers a stylish, exclusive and effortless jewelry design to the conscious and opinionated woman.

The designs are meant to feel relevant without being tied to a certain trend.

All jewelry are designed in our Danish jewelry studio.

Make It Memorable

We care for memories. We care for quality. We care for each other.

We believe in quality over quantity and that every bought item should bring along a precious and unforgettable memory. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to collect unique and beautiful, high quality and durable jewelry without spending a fortune.

The Collectors is...

opinionated, detail-oriented. Cultural-interested, independent. She has a desire to learn and experience as she is both a dreamer and a realist. Her wardrobe is characterized by her knowledge of what’s in vogue in an effortless sophisticated and simple street style.

She not only knows how to dress effortlessly, she also believes that beauty comes from within, and that is why she lives her life indulging in her passions and self discovery - through travel, art and philanthropy. She believes in constant self development in order to grow and achieve her true aspirations in life.

She has a great desire to make her presence count and that is why she is well aware of her actions. She is the kind of woman who collects eye-catching items that meet her demands for quality and unique design.

packaging collectors items jewelry

The Gifting Experience

Collectors Items takes pride in attending to every detail, and we have made sure that the packaging is no exception. We assure you that you will receive a unique, high quality packaging that contributes to the Collectors Items experience.

We know that the moment of gift-giving is just as much a reward as receiving one. We have therefore given you the possibility to receive your item already wrapped up before giving the gift.

It is very easy. You just point out that you wish for the item to be wrapped up when checking out. If you wish to have the gift send directly to the lucky receiver, you just type in the address and name of the person concerned and if you wish to include a costumized note, please write one as a comment before checking out