Honesty and authenticity is our core values. We wish to disrupt and bring awareness.

Honest Pricing

The traditional jewelry industry mark up their prices 8-10 times. Instead of doing this, we've cut all costly intermediators away, so that you can get the best quality to an honest price. We work with the leading jewelry manufactures and all of our products are designed, photographed, marketed, selled and sent in-house. 

From our design studio directly to you. At a fraction of the price.

No more crazy retail markups. 



Our Thai manufactures are considered some of the most experienced and skilled artisans. They are experts in gold and silver jewelry production, and have been in the industry for decades. 

Their commitment to the environment manifests through composting and maintaining over 2,600sqm landscaped garden and lawn. They are moving towards completely eliminating their use of plastic. 

From Thought to Reality

The creative process starts in our Danish design studio, where quality and attention to detail is main focus throughout the entire process. From the sketch to sampling of every piece of jewelry, nothing goes by unrecognized.


When the first idea or concept comes to mind, Owner & Designer Patricia Vagtholm starts to sketch out and doodle whatever her intuition tells her. A beautiful sight of the ocean might suddenly become a source of inspiration. At this stage its all about creativity and a balance between what's possible and what's too excessive. When sketches of a full collection are done, digital drawings can begin.

Digital Drawings:

Now the digital design team can start to create 3D files with the support of specialized software based on the hand drawn sketches. At this stage all final tweaks and details are determined. 


The development of the mold depends on the jewelry design. It's either printed with a high precision 3D printer using wax as the base material or carved in hand for a more natural and handmade look. Next, the negative of this impression is set in silicon, becoming the prime design mould.


The first sample of the jewelry are now ready for manufacturing. Sterling silver, which is the precious metal we always use as a base, is melted and poured into the cast. Once hardened, the cast is carefully removed, whereas the pieces are polished by hand.

Polishing and Plating:

The polishing is distributed in 3 stages to get the flawless shiny finish we all love and praise. If the design requires, gold plating takes place. This process is actually called gold electroplating and starts with the pieces being cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. A very thin layer of a high quality metal is plated to the silver in order to improve the bonding between the gold plating and the base. Afterwards, gold can be plated through a plating solution. 

Quality Control:

When the first samples are done, Patricia will review the pieces. If something in the design has to be changed, the process of either digital drawings or molding unfolds again depending on the amount of modification. Every single piece is being checked for irregularities before sent to the lucky receiver.

Overall, every piece of jewelry goes through 38 different stages in order to become the precious and valuable quality product we all love to praise.