Who doesn’t love a good old 2-in-1 deal? We sure do!

That is why we have doubled the purpose of the accompanied travel pouch that you receive with your jewelry. Oh yes! She can also be used as a polishing cloth. Perfect deal, right!

Even though, a Collectors Item is a long lasting piece and is meant to be worn, every precious metal will tarnish over time. The texture and color of your item may eventually change its look, depending on the acidity of your skin or atmospheric conditions… But hey, imperfections are marks of authenticity. And that is real beauty!

However, we recommend to polish off fingerprints and other small blemishes from time to time with your new polishing cloth/travel pouch. 

Voíla. As good as new.

jjewelry care instructions collectors items jewelry

We advice to:

In order to preserve the golden color the longest we recommend to implement the following routines in your everyday life.  

  • Take off your jewelry when you wash hands, shower, work out, clean etc. 
  • Keep the jewelry away from the bathroom or another humid area
  • Store your jewelry in the accompanied travel pouch to avoid oxidation


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